Lights and composition. To look, see, and capture. Whether its moving or still. It’s all about storytelling. Finding the perfect frames that tells the story. The story to be told. I believe that each frame of a shot should live on its own, as a still image. I love to squeeze the borders to finding the best frames.

Since I was a little kid with my father, I could always be found on a film sets, beside the camera, and around the people who worked with it. I was always fascinated by the magical things I had witnessed. I spent more time on film sets probably then on vacation. I had the chance to watch and learn as much as was possible from a young age.

I started as a trainee, then clapper/loader, and then focus pulling for a period of time. I also gain experience colour grading in the post-production realm.

I like dealing with people, I like the procedure of building up the best shot, and the best scene.

Filmmaking is a team work, your work means nothing without the contribution of your team mates. You have to respect this.

When I am not filming, I am wandering around with my still camera searching for stories; stories to be told.

On the flip side, I love gastronomy and travelling. After a hard day’s work, or just wandering around at a lovely location taking pictures, joy is having a nice, decent meal and a lovely glass of wine, probably two, to celebrate the day. But please…no coriander! Chili, yes!

And one last thought, never forget the people, the family around you who are supporting you in this crazy business! You rely on them more than you think. Just as they rely on you.