black & white

These pictures are taken with my Hasselblad Xpan analog camera.The XPan utilised the entire area of the 35 mm film for either panorama or 35mm format, providing a panorama effect without masking the film or reducing image quality. This technique produced a panorama negative almost three times larger than traditional masking and over five times larger than that of APS cameras. The negative (or positive) size created by the Xpan is 24x65mm which, of course, is a panoramic in dimension and this is created on regular 35mm film.

After many years of digital photography nowadays I went back shooting analog. I really enjoy opening the film can again, smelling the typical smell of negative, loading the camera, and waiting for the perfect moment. Often for minutes. Till it all comes together and then: click. Did I get it ? Or not? Did I expose right? Or not? Will all turn out when it’s developed. Versus digital where you may click twice as much since you can, it gives me harmony and slows time down a little in the world of speed, bytes, deadlines, and so. These and the structure of negative are priceless.

Mostly I find black and white more powerful in terms of the stories I want to tell. The simplicity of the two colours allow the eyes to focus more on the moment and composition

But there are exceptions when the story I want to capture needs colour. I enjoy using colour negative at nights, magic hour when you can still use the sky as part of your composition combining it with artificial light. Spring and autumn are perfect to use colour negative. Take a look at my colour pictures as well here.